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Our Vision

Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd., a leading educational publisher since its establishment in the year 1995, has been a pioneer in developing and publishing quality educational books for pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary level students on a variety of subjects like English, Mathematics, Life skills, General Knowledge, Environmental studies, Social studies, Moral values, Science, Computers, Art & Activity.

The company traces its history back to 1995, when it brought out publications for primary and middle students that came up to be a big hit of the decade and continue to top the sales till date. Since its inception, under the provisions of Company Act of India, the company consistently continues to add to its publications with each growing year.

Focusing upon recruiting highly qualified authors, content production and selling over billions of educational books to schools and institutes, leading the acquisition effort for more than 800 titles, and forming revenue-producing alliances with over a dozen of the industry's largest distributors, the company has created for itself a brand status in the market establishing it where it stands today.

Spinning off from this pioneering stance and moving with its firm belief in consistent development , the company has shown courage to break into other countries sharing its vast potential with them and supporting them bring a panorama of vivid, viable and lucid educational material- in print as well as multi-media mode.

Educational Aids

Rachna Sagar has launched educational games which are specially designed with learning purposes and educational motive. All games can be used in an educational environment. These games are designed in such a way that it will help children to enhance their grammar and language concepts or assist them in learning in a playful manner. Game types include board, card, puzzle etc. As teachers and parents realize the need and benefits of gaming have on education, these educational tools have become important.

Adaptive Measures

Responding to the growing demand for technology in classrooms, the company now plans to shift from a print –based business model to one that relies on digital products thereby developing adaptive learning systems to anchor the learnt in a promising way that enable classroom teaching to come closer to a one-to one student –teacher interaction.

Advocating a recent strategy move, the company has partnered with an American firm launching an online students' study network in the name of 'Enlive Education', giving the company an opportunity to get linked to the end users directly, i.e. the students.

The company's flagship adaptive learning products include-

Paathshalamasti.com is the first CCE based educational learning portal that uses today’s finest technology solutions to address diverse learning needs in a single environment for learning, teaching and management. Reference material for secondary and senior secondary classes in traditional printed form and also electronically accessible on CD, on a subscription based website. Educational manipulative on continuous evaluation

Awards & Honours

We are glad to share that our Books have been adopted by many prestigious schools across the globe and a number of these books have won awards such as,

Best Textbooks Award by FEPI (Federation of Educational Publishers in India) Distinguished Young Publisher Award by FEPI in the year 2003 Best Publisher Award by FBAI (Federation of Booksellers Association of India) in the Year 2008.

In Year 2000 for 'Together with® English' Communicative X'M

In Year 2002 for 'Together with® Mehak Hindi'

In Year 2011 for 'Together with® Chemistry XII'.

In Year 2012 for 'Together with® Mathematics XII'.

In Year 2014 for 'Together with® Mathematics XII'. And many more such awards stand credit to our hard work.

Workshops & Seminars

To kindle the candle of knowledge to a wider extent, the company gladly provides federal supports for elementary education, besides its forte in secondary, senior secondary and career-oriented domains by organising Workshops and Seminars at regular intervals. These interactions are conducted by teacher trainers and concerned subject experts.


Rachna Sagar, one of the India’s top leading companies known for developing and publishing educational books for the Primary and Secondary school curricula, feels honoured to look at its growth graph since 1995 with people like you as our consistent support system. Leading the acquisition effort for more than 800 titles, and forming revenue-producing alliances with over a dozen of the industry´s largest distributors, the company has created for itself a brand status and has a similar market profile in UK, UAE, Thailand, Doha, Kuwait, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and many more

Technological Edge

The Company has always been a frontrunner in introducing the books on latest printing technology.

This range of services and products cover designing, copy editing, typesetting, high quality scanning and image manipulation, offset printing, web offset printing, automated binding, finishing, distribution and mailing services.

It is competent to handle wide range of customer demands. It believes in continuous upgradation of Hardware and Software and fast adaptability to changing technology. To manage with that, we own an expertise in Pre-Press and Press.


Absolute commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled level of service has made Rachna Sagar a leading name in design, layout, pre-press, and printing as well as distribution services. As a company we are committed to employing dedicated staff, investing in the very best technology available and maintaining high standards of quality in the publishing industry.